Silica Sand
The Silica Sand offered by us is used for a variety of industrial applications depending on the grain size, refractories, texture and shape of the sample to be used. It is used as a building product and abrasive, to glass making.
Quartz Powder
The Quartz Powder is used as filler in the manufacture of adhesives, putty, paint, and rubber. This powder provides properties such as durability, chemical inertness, strength, and wear-resistance. It is very efficient and made for commercial use.
Quartz Crystal
We are offering here the Quartz Crystal that is also used in electronics because it generates current on its surface when bent or compressed. They are used as a component for optical instruments and for making glass.
Quartz Lumps
High quality Quartz Lumps are used for various applications such as construction, foundry molds, abrasives, sandpaper and sandblasting. They are used extensively in the multiple industries such as glass industries, ceramic industries etc. They are very efficient and useful.
Quartz Grits
The Quartz Grits has an important role in the Petroleum Industry. Quartz cannot be crushed easily. They are manufactured under strict quality measures and then properly packaged in high-grade packaging material to ensure superior quality.
Quartz Pebbles
Quartz Pebbles are a mixture of rounded and angular pebbles, including black, white and grey with a few rust-colored pebbles. Commonly used for garden ground cover, pathways, planting beds and walkways. They are very attractive and easy to use.

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